Thursday, February 21, 2008

Biscrem Cookies - Turkey

Cookies with cocoa cream filling have got to be good!

This little roll of cookies is from Turkey - produced by a company called Ulker. They cost less than $1.o0. One problem is the print for ingredients, and other pertinent information is in minute gold print on a black background making it almost impossible for my soon to be 40 yr old eyes, to read. Actually I think too small for anyone even with eagle sharp vision, to read. We ate them anyway.

I thought the cookies were yummy...they had a buttery/coconutty flavor with just a hint of chocolate. The cookie looks "Plain Jane" on the outside - but once you bite into it there is a very thin layer of chocolate. Not really enough to satisfy a chocolate lover I must say.

Dd liked them, "very hard and a little chocolatey". Ds said, "I don't like it - one of the worst things I tasted in my life!" An odd reaction from the boy - it must have been the buttery flavor he was tasting and not liking. That's fine - all the more for the girl and I!