Monday, February 18, 2008

Milk Chocolate Bars - Product of Croatia

These little Kras candy bars (or chocolate bars if you are from Canada...which makes a whole lot more sense to me - they are bars and they are chocolate so why not call them what they are??!!) were too cute to pass by. This little chocolate/candy bar cost 99 cents.

They are super thin and lightweight. Reminds me of the little packages of hockey or baseball cards that come with a stick of gum inside...I was hoping this would be something similar but along the chocolate vein.

There are about 4 different looking packages...all different colors with various exotic animals on the fronts - very cute.

The chocolate was wonderful. I am a fan of milk chocolate (as opposed to nasty dark chocolate) - but not an expert on what makes the difference between a 99 cent mini chocolate bar and a $5.00 chocolate bar. I have had some "bad" chocolate before (if there is such a thing) and it's been waxy or chalky - this wasn't either. So in my small area of milk chocolate experience - this little bar was not only cute but delicious.

The kids agreed, of course.

Inside was a little surprise - a little animal sticker.

I think these bars would make a nice little treat for a child - not a whole lot of chocolate involved, a very cute package and a bonus sticker.

Here is a picture of the factory where the chocolate is produced.

Incidentally - do you say candy bar or chocolate bar???


Kara said...

How cute! I say chocolate bar:)