Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kitchen Window View (or lack thereof)

Lulu's Bay has asked readers to post a picture of the view from their kitchen window. Our view is not the greatest during this time of year...the grass looks dead, the trees are leafless and portions of our neighbors' yards are no longer hidden.

Actually this fall I kind of did an Edward Scissorhands thing and went crazy with a handsaw, hedge clippers and some physical labor (with a little slave labor thrown in - actually 2 little slave labors thrown in). I removed dead branches, tree choking vines and general scraggly messes at the back and side of the yard. Hopefully it will grow back nicely in the spring.

Speaking of going crazy with scissors and getting rid of scraggly messes, just reminded me of the time one of my older sisters (not the one that is a professional hairdresser) cut my hair (with my permission). What I remember is her laughing as she cut and viewed. Not a good sign at all.


Lynda said...

Slaves are good.. two slaves are better. LOL We are talking about doing this in a couple of months so that we can have a different view... At the moment we are missing the space to play outside here in Cairo, so any yard looks good to us. Cheers Lynda