Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Winter Bazaar - Eskimo Picnics

Scribbit is hosting a Winter Bazaar - fun ideas for winter entertainment.

The kids and I take a lot of picnics throughout the year - and yes that includes picnics in the winter. These cold picnics are referred to as "Eskimo Picnics". Granted, the weather in the Midwest is not equal to weather in Alaska or in Manitoba, Canada (where I grew up)...but it still gets cold enough that we need to wear our winter jackets, mitts, hat etc.

For our Eskimo picnic I pack a lunch (something easy to eat with gloves on - like a homemade tortilla pizza) and something hot to drink - usually hot chocolate. We head out to one of our towns many parks and the kids play until they are hungry, or shall I say, until I am hungry.

Another good winter picnic item is some soup (in a thermos).


Cocoa said...

My kids would go for this especially with the name 'Eskimo Picnic.' I especially love the idea of having hot chocolate!

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for the advice on teaching my son to read - I'm going to go and look for it tomorrow. :)

Scribbit said...

Serving Eskimo pies too? :) Sounds fun!

jennwa said...

That sounds like fun, I know the kids would enjoy it. Thanks for reminding you can still do picnics in the winter.

oh amanda said...

Fun! I just did a Snowflake Party for my daughter and had all sorts of snow-y food. I love your ideas!