Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ambrosia - Creamed Rice

This tin of creamed rice is from the U.K. I have always loved homemade rice pudding, so I wondered what it would taste like canned.

Interestingly enough, sugar was not one of the first ingredients, like you would expect in a pudding. Whole milk, skim milk, whey, rice and sugar are the ingredients, in that order.

I liked the creamy texture and the light rice flavor. I would have liked it sweeter though :)

Dd liked the creamed rice - ds didn't. I figured they'd find it to be similar to their favorite dessert - tapioca pudding, and did not tell them at first that it was rice pudding (I wanted them to keep their thoughts open)...just said it was similar to tapioca. "Tastes like rice." Is the first thing the girl said.

As we do with tapioca pudding, I drizzled some raspberries/sugar mixture on top. I love the contrasting colors and anything with raspberries is wonderful.


SteamyKitchen said...

I agree. Put raspberries on anything and I'm happy.