Friday, December 21, 2007

You Say Ugli, I say Uniq

Today we came across a grapefruit like fruit with a label on it that said "Uniq Fruit"...I had never heard of that fruit and wondered if it had another name.

As we were checking out the cashier mentioned that she thought the Uniq fruit was the same as the Ugli fruit - that it had been renamed.

I was excited to hear that it was an ugli fruit - b/c I've been wanting to taste one for some time.

I started wondering - did the name change from Ugli to Uniq all in the name of political-correctness?? What next - would Eskimo pies be renamed Inuit pies? Was the Ugli fruit suffering from low self-esteem?

Nothing nearly as exciting as all that.

The Uniq fruit is a hybrid of a grapefruit and a tangerine , and is trademarked under the name Ugli.

The Uniq fruit was about the same size as a large grapefruit with greenish skin. It had a very thick skin and was easy to peel. After peeling, I separated the sections, then peeled off the "membranes". The inside was kind of a pinky-orange color and at first I thought "this tastes exactly like a grapefruit". But as I continued to eat it, I noticed it was less sour and the "membranes" were thicker, but not bitter like a grapefruit.

There was not a whole lot of the tangerine flavor that I was expecting...but you could taste it some.

If they were not so expensive - $2.50 for one - I'd rather buy these instead of grapefruits.

Not surprisingly as my dd LOVES grapefruits, she also enjoyed the Uniq fruit.