Saturday, December 22, 2007

Decorating the House

The gingerbread house that is.

I found this cute gingerbread house at Aldi for about $8.00 - which seemed like a reasonable price, since it included all the icing, and candy for decorating it.

One time I bought a kit where you make your own gingerbread and cut out the pieces with cookie cutter shapes - don't remember how it turned out, but I only did it that one year.

Decorating a gingerbread house has become a tradition for us. I told my girl that if we do something three times, it's a tradition :)

I put the pieces together and helped a bit with the decorating - b/c it was fun for me too. And of course I assisted with the candy eating. One piece on the house, 2 pieces for me - you know how it goes. The kids also followed that routine.

I was happy how easily this house stayed together- we've had problems in previous years...I only had one brief collapse this time - when putting on the roof. The icing makes all the difference - this was Royal Icing. It did dry a bit too fast - so sometimes when squeezing it out it was pretty thick and not wanting to stick on the house.

Just in the past year I have started using powdered meringue to make my own Royal Icing - and I love it. The tin of meringue is kind of pricey - about $5 or $6 for a small tin but you get quite a few batches out of it. I was tired of having icing that would not dry quick enough or hold things on.