Saturday, December 22, 2007

Homeschool Humor

This is funny. It's really funny. I am not one to pass along "jokes" or funny stories and I don't usually enjoy comedians ...but this is such a great spoof of homeschooling...and a very catchy tune - the kids were singing bits and pieces of it throughout the day.

The funny thing is - and this is true, yesterday afternoon, before she even saw this video clip, my dd made her own "laptop".

At lunch we had been talking about wanting a laptop (right now we have 2 desktop computers for 4 people...and sometimes that is not enough)...and dd announced she still wanted her own (she's 8). I told her I would still determine how much she could be on it.

Then the kids had their "rest time". Not really the right name for it anymore - basically they need to stay in their rooms and be "relatively" quiet for about an hour.

After rest time - my dd wanted to show me the laptop she built out of a box. On the top she had a screen where you'd slip a different page in each time you wanted to change your internet page. She made her own mouse...and even had games and magazines and links to other sites.

It was done hurriedly and messily but it was so creative. I'm glad she can get an hour of fun out of creating something. Other times her and her brother have created their own "computer games"...what's so funny is again, it's all done on paper.

So yes, homeschoolers do build their own computers!


Beth said...

You are right. That IS hilarious!! Thanks for the link.

Kay said...

I don't homeschool, but that is really cute!
And I love your story about your daughter! LOL

EdibleEducation said...

My ds keeps wanting to watch the video clip...I don't think he understands that it's all a spoof - just thinks parts of it are funny.

What a spoof!!??? You mean not all homeschoolers are perfect and highly intelligent and come from large families of well-behaved children??

One thing I've enjoyed going to homeschool conferences and such - you see the wide variety of families that homeschool. Some do it for religious reasons - some not. Some are huge families, some have only 1 child. Some look like the "typical" homeschooling family that is portrayed...some don't even know what a jumper is let alone have a closet full of them!