Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pita Bread

Today I baked my own "exotic" food. I found a recipe some time ago for making pita bread (pocket or kangaroo bread) - and have made it a number of times before.

From Wikipedia, "Pitta (also called pita or pita bread and pronounced "pitta" in Greek) is an often round, brown, wheat flatbread made with yeast. Similar to other double-layered flat or pocket breads, pitta is traditional in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. ...The original pitta is cooked flat without any rising. This type, known as the Greek pita, is the most well known and universal type; others include Indian pitas."

I like this bread because it is so amazing how it puffs up and makes cute little pockets - and because of course, it tastes great. Today I decided to use a mix of whole-wheat and white flour, to make it a little "healthier". This bread is actually very easy to bake - if you make your own "regular" type breads - you'll have no problem with this.

This is the recipe I use - I like the step by step instructions and the pictures. My bread never puffs up as much as the one they show - but it still works great. The pockets form perfectly almost every time. I do not use a pizza stone, but rather a cookie cooling rack...not sure where I go that idea and why I do not just use a metal cookie sheet. But it works - so I continue to do it.

This is really fun for the kids to watch - so turn on your oven light and let them watch. It also works on a grill - which gives you a better up close glimpse as it puffs up.

My kids love pita bread...we sometimes fill it with chicken salad, cheese, meat - whatever! Tonight at supper my son (who was by now feeling well enough to eat - at least to eat the foods he likes) wanted peanut butter spread inside his. My dd and I both ate ours plain with a bit of feta cheese inside the pocket - yum!


Meredith said...

Fun! Yours look beautiful.

We sampled a platter of rolled grape leaves last night and I thought about your blog. It's definitely encouraged me to be a little more adventurous in the grocery.

EdibleEducation said...

Thanks - they really are fun to make.

I go through periods where I like to bake bread and try out different recipes...and then I usually go back to my old standbys.

I'd never make it on a low-carb diet, I love bread too much!

Foundation Academy said...

Ohhh, I need a recipe for pita bread! I shall give this one a go!