Thursday, December 6, 2007

Melissa's Great Book of Produce - Book Review

The book, "Melissa's Great Book of Produce"- everything you need to know about fresh fruits and vegetables... is just what I have been looking for.

It's kind of a field guide type of book - listed in alphabetical order and with color photos, this book was enjoyable to look through. Each fruit or vegetable starts with a description and then has subheadings of: buying and storing, prep, use, serving suggestion, and a recipe.

This will surely help me out during those times when I have conflicting names on fresh produce. I also like the serving suggestions - b/c for the most part, I don't have a clue as to what to do with things like wing beans, fennel, tamarindo, jujubes etc.

In the past I spend a lot of time "surfing the net" (I hate that phrase for some reason) for information on storing, prep, recipes etc. for my new founds treasures.

Now the book I have on my somewhat messy desk, is due back at the library in 2 weeks. I can probably renew it a few times and then I can do one of two things: 1) put it on hold under my dh's card, my dd's card, my ds's card - check it out for the max alloted time plus renewals on all the cards and then start all over would ALMOST be like owning it 2) see if I can find a cheap used copy on eBay or or resort to buying it new at Amazon (but it's $20 and that is too steep for me - I almost never buy my books new - so I may have to wait awhile before I come across one in my price range (less than $10). The 2nd choice seems more "proper" - what if there are other people like me, sweating up a storm "surfing the net" trying to find information, when they could have it at their fingertips? Plus if I have my own book I can make notations in it.


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