Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wing Beans

The thing that drew me mostly to this unique bean is of course how cute it looked.

The beans are kind of squarish in shape - with fancy edges - frilly. It's not a surprise that they are also called "princess beans".

I put about 1/2 cup a water to boil on the stove and then threw in the beans and sort of boiled/steamed them for about 10 minutes. I was surprised that the water turned quite green.

My dd thought the beans tasted like regular green beans except they were very bitter...the boy agreed and I have to say that's what I thought also.

I ended up throwing them in a frying pan along with some regular green beans and added some minced garlic, soy sauce and some kind of Asian vinegar and freshly ground red pepper. A bit spicy - but very tasty. Since the beans were so much thicker than regular beans, I cut them in half and then sliced them thinner.


Kara said...

Those look neat. So where do you find your produce? I'm trying to introduce my girls to all sorts of fresh veggies, trying to keep them from getting picky or thinking that veggies are yuck!

EdibleEducation said...

There is a store called "World Foods" or "World Food Market" - it is HUGE. The aisles are divided up by country - plus there is the fruit/veggies/dairy and frozen sections that are from various countries.

Probably most large-ish cities would have something similar.

If you find one to visit - bring the kids. If they help pick things out and you make a big deal about how exciting something looks and such - they'll get excited too.