Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Star Fruit aka Carambola

The star fruit or carambola is one of the most beautiful looking fruits.

This fruit can be yellow or green and is somewhat oval shaped with ridges all around it that look like stars on the ends. The beauty is seen when you slice it crosswise and perfect little stars appear. Unfortunately my photo taken before I cut up the fruit didn't turn out :(

The flavor is very mild - dd said it reminded her of a watery it was and also the flavor.

You can eat this fruit whole - the outside has a bit of a crunch like an apple and the inside is quite watery, with the texture of a grape. The flavor is kind of a combination of a variety of fruits. Unlike my dd, I did not think it tasted even remotely like a watermelon...though if you ate a not very sweet watermelon and tasted the part closest to the rind - it would be similar. It has almost a floral flavor, a bit tangy and similar to a not too sweet green grape.

You probably won't ever fill yourself up eating star fruits, but they make beautiful garnishes when added to a dessert or fruit salad (I made tapioca and sprinkled on top a few raspberries and poked in a star fruit piece).

The star fruit is a good source of vitamin c, and due to it's mild flavor and fun shape, would be a great fruit to encourage children in their fruit eating.