Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Did Not Come Home With Us

We were shopping at a little ethnic store and my dd brought me a little cellophane bag and said "I want to buy this." Buying it - meant she wanted to try it. She was serious. Inside were about 50, whole, little dried fishies not much bigger than minnows. I think the eyes were still attached. I'm not quite sure how you'd eat something like that. Do you soak them in water or add them to soup and rehydrate them?? Can you really eat something that is starting at you?

Also in the store was a fresh meat counter. Proudly displayed were some of the biggest pig hooves I have ever seen. They were not nicely packaged up in plastic wrap on a styrofoam try - but just laying on a tray. And not just the hoof part - but looked more like everything from the knees (do hogs have knees?) down. DD said "I'd be willing to try pigs feet, I'd even try the toes." Younger, but wiser brother pipes up - "they don't have toes".


Tlvsn said...

I've had both!

The fish you would eat whole and dry. They are very salty and fishy tasting - I need drink with them. In Japan they sometimes mix them with almond slivers for a snack.

The pigs feet I've had in soup and I can't recommend because with all the bones there isn't much meat. So the only reason to eat them is tradition born of past resourcefulness.