Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fierce Food

Fierce Food - The Intrepid Diner’s Guide to the Unusual, Exotic, and Downright Bizarre by Christa Weil, is an interesting book to say the least. Even though I wouldn't think of tasting the majority of foods described in this book - it was still a fun read (though not advisable for children).

Fierce food lists alphabetically, approximately 70 different delicacies such as: Bat, Cattail, Bark, Jellyfish, Bird’s Nest Soup (for some reason it’s always held an appeal to me), Salt Licorice, Prickly Pear, Sea Cucumber, Maguey Worm, Calf's Head and others. The book not only details the food and how it tastes, but it gives you some information on the history of the foods and preparation and serving methods.

I found that there were a few things listed that I have partaken of: prickly pear, coconut, and honeycomb.

A few foods described in Fierce Foods that I’d be willing to taste are: bird’s nest soup, cricket, frog’s legs, salt licorice, snake, and snapping turtle. Though not included in the book, a couple of foods I've always wanted to taste are: rabbit stew and squirrel stew.