Friday, November 16, 2007

Papas Toreadas a la diabla Potato Chips

Yum-a-licious is what I have decided, to describe these kettle cooked potato chips.

After our morning swim the kids and I headed over to a Mexican grocery store next door, that I've been wanting to visit for awhile.

Let me start by saying, there is pretty much no better food (snack) on the face of the earth than potato chips. My favorite being Canada's Old Dutch SaltnVinegar. Well so no surprised I was drawn to the bright red package that contained the la diabla potato chips.

Knowing how hot, hot can be when referring to peppers and Mexican food - I kind of wondered if I'd need a fire extinguisher near by (a slurpee would have been the perfect accompaniment but I didn't buy one today). The back of the package says "just as toreadors inflame fighting bulls with their capes, there's a time-honored secret to heighten the flavor of chiles...chiles toreados are created by searing fresh chiles on a blistering grill to intensify their heat."

I only barely tasted a crumb to start with - and when my mouth didn't blister I tasted some more, and more and more! The kids loved them! My dd said "hot on the tongue - makes your mouth feel like you could breathe out fire like a dragon." My son added, "tastes grand...but makes your eyes water."

It had a great spicy, tomato flavor. Reminds me very much of Old Dutch Ketchup flavored chips but with some heat. Also there is a hint of vinegar in it...

The girl could not finish all of hers, not b/c she didn't like the taste - just too hot for now. The boy - who just found out he loves jalepenos - decided he'd save some of his for later.

I would totally buy these again - they were not as hot as I thought....they could be a bit hotter and still be fine for an afternoon (or morning) snack. I think these would make a great new Doritos flavor.