Friday, November 9, 2007

Research Shows Relationship Between Intelligence and a Willingness to Eat Unfamiliar Foods

Well at least that is so according to Terry Ryan in her book, "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" :)

I am enjoying this book about a mom of 10 children, who supplements her husband's small paycheck (a third of it going to liquor to support hub's drinking "problem") by entering all sorts of contests. She was a frequent winner - not only winning money but a bicycle, appliances etc.

One contest she won was for a shopping spree - fill up the grocery cart in 10 min and keep what fits inside. Talking to her kids about what she was gonna fill her cart with, she tells them... "I want you kids to taste chateaubriand, New York steak, lobster and anything else you've never tried before. Heck, I want to try them too." While on the move throughout the store she instructs her helpers to hit the European aisle and pick out exotic things.

So is there a relationship between intelligence and the willingness to eat unfamiliar foods? If there is such a study out there, I'd be curious to read it.


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