Friday, November 9, 2007

Polish Style Red Borsch Soup

I found a cute little package of borsch soup and decided to give it a try. The directions are simple - just add water. Can't mess that up. The listed ingredients are: beet powder, vegetable fat, sugar, salt, citric acid.

My children are of Polish descent along with Ukrainian, Scottish and Swedish (on my family's side) and German (on my husband's side of the family).

I have tried homemade borsch made by my mother when I was growing up. This delicious, hearty soup contained things like cabbage, onions, dill weed, beets and potatoes. Usually mom would serve it with tea biscuits (what Americans might call baking soda biscuits) - yum!

My dd enjoys canned sliced beets, so I figured she might like this soup. Wasn't too sure about the boy.

Let's just say I was the only one who finished my soup. The soup was a beautiful red color with flecks of something floating on top (parsley??). It had a pleasant, sweetish beet taste. Though the color was pretty, and the taste all right - it definitely needed some bulking up. If you didn't have beets on hand and wanted to make beet soup - this package would make a good base for the soup - just throw in some cabbage, potatoes etc., to thicken it up and make it into a meal rather than an appetizer.

I made some "tea biscuits" to serve with the soup.


Meredith said...

Very pretty, though! I noticed that we have a new Russian/Eastern European grocery store nearby. I'll probably find similar products there.