Saturday, November 10, 2007

Food Phobias

Are there any "normal" foods that you or the kids won't eat. By "normal" I mean the typical American foods that usually no one finds offensive (bread, potatoes, chicken).

For instance, ever since he was a baby eating baby food my son has HATED potatoes. He will eat French Fries, Potato Puffs or potatoes dripping in cheese/butter/ketchup. But a baked potato or boiled potatoes - he can barely stomach it. Apples are another food he can hardly eat - unless it's apples in apple pie. Lasagna? He can't get enough!

My daughter HATES milkshakes (homemade or otherwise), porridge (cooked oatmeal), raisins and chili. Today she gave her brother $3 to finish off her porridge. But give her a bag of carrots and she is happy!

Is there any "normal" food I don't/can't eat? I can't think of anything. For me my food phobia is more likely to be about eating something that might have been lingering in the fridge or cupboard too long...or might have been made by someone who I wouldn't trust to be concerned about kitchen hygiene.

I had a dear old "friend" (identity clouded in order to avoid offending - don't worry mom it's not you) who I enjoyed visiting. Whenever I would visit though, she would "pressure" me to eat something along with the ever present cup of tea. Now I never quite knew how long something had been in the cupboard or in the fridge or freezer - so I would try to avoid eating. Didn't matter if I said my very-full-stomach had just finished a large supper, and I wasn't hungry. She'd keep at me (in a kind way). Well eventually I'd have to give in. For awhile I had a little help. She had a dog that would come and sit under the table...I could secretly give him the little bits of muffin or cookie. Or I could slip something into a pocket.

Being all grown up now (so to speak), I can see why she did what she did. I know when I have company I enjoy preparing a meal or a snack for them. It's a way to show love and concern for others.

So what "normal" food will you not eat???