Friday, April 30, 2010

Introducing Myrtle

After many visits to the park to try and capture a turtle - the girl was finally successful.

Yesterday I told the kids we'd go to the park for a picnic today. Since the weather was mediocre (windy and rain on the horizon) I wasn't feeling so picnic-ish so we opted for a park near home which happens to be "Turtle Paradise".

We had just arrived at the park and we were heading to the picnic table when I looked over and saw something that looked turtle-ish, but it was on land and we'd never seen any on land before. So I thought it was just a pipe or something sticking out of the ground. I looked again and realized it was a turtle.

The girl had come prepared - and swooped in with her net. Thankfully we had a "critter carrier" in the car. The girl proclaimed the turtle beautiful -"It's a 3-toed Box Turtle". And then she told me how it's called a turtle but it's actually a tortoise...

We went to Walmart and bought some garden fencing stuff and set up a little enclosure for Myrtle.

And yes I know turtles can carry salmonella but there shouldn't be much need for anyone to actually touch Myrtle.


Anonymous said...

Jeff had turtles before and we never got salmonella - the kids will just have to remember to wash after touching Myrtle.


Anonymous said...
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CanadianGrandma said...

I remember having a turtle as a child and enjoyed watching him in his turtle aquarium. He loved lettuce! Have fun with your new pet!

Taylor Plourde said...

You guys have been telling me a lot about turtles. Nick had 2 turtles before about 1-2 years ago all you have to do is after use sanitizer or thoroughly was your hyands.