Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Edible Hibiscus Flowers

Did you know that you can eat hibiscus flowers? You can and they are delicious.

Well at least the dried and SWEETENED variety of hibiscus are.

We picked up this package of "dried fruit" from Trader Joe's...the 4.4 oz package cost about $2.

They are the color and flavor of dried, sweetened cranberries -without the bitterness of the cranberries.

It does feel kind of odd popping them in your mouth because of the shape/feel - almost like popping an insect into your mouth.

The girl and I love them! The boy tasted one and didn't like it - I think more from a psychological point rather than taste, because I know he LOVES dried cranberries.

The ingredients are just: hibiscus, flower, sugar, sulfur dioxide.


CanadianGrandma said...

Sounds yummy to me!

Anonymous said...

They look very nice too!