Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creve Coeur Park Adventure

This morning we took a picnic lunch to Creve Coeur Park.

The girl brought along her net (at the last minute) and her creature cage.

A beautiful sunny morning.

After a quick lunch we walked along the shore of the lake and saw many schools of fishes - some of the fishes quite a bit bigger than the little minnows we usually see. We walked along the trail by the water, through the woods and the boy spotted a snake in the water. Mean old mom wouldn't let the girl chase after it and try and catch it. Unhappy girl.

A little further down the trail someone told us that there was an eagle in the tree up ahead. We stopped and watched it for awhile. There just so happened to be a rocky area by the water by the eagle tree and the kids spotted another snake or two. "It was a copperhead" said the girl - so she wasn't gonna try and catch it. Whew!

Then mom became the hero of the day by spotting, right at our feet, a GIANT frog. The girl whipped out her net and nabbed him! He struggled some and got away when she tried transferring him into the cage but he was no match for the girl who had seen too many turtles get away from her in the past few weeks.

"This just about makes up for not getting an anole (a lizard that she's been greatly desiring to have for the past week or so)".

We headed on back home - the park outing a success...large schools of fish, snakes, an eagle and a captured frog.

The girl is now doing research on her frog - looks like science has been taken care of for the day.


Anonymous said...

His (or her) name is Puddleglum.

CanadianGrandma said...

I guess it is good adventures that you are experiencing, but it is NOT my cup of tea!