Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amphibians - Beware!

The girl is on the loose. And she won't give up until she gets you!

Her motto is - anything roaming around at ground level is fair game.

The day after finding and then losing her pet frog - she captured a toad (no photo yet).

We were at another park, near some "creekishness", and just as we were leaving, the girl, feeling rather disheartened at having not located a frog/turtle/toad/snake/lizard - suddenly called out "LOOK!" And of course I jumped out of the way not wanting to step on or be attacked by a cottonmouth/copperhead/any-kind-of-snake...but it was only a poor helpless toad. Too slow for a girl with an empty Taco Bell strawberry/lemonade "slush cup.

Today the girl went out and spent her money on a 10 gallon aquarium (she already has a 5 gallon aquarium in her room housing her two hermit crabs) and some crickets. The toad - named Gollum (very aptly named) is now living in the girl's bedroom...the girl is happy. Here's hoping Gollum lives a long and prosperous life :)

Coincidentally the library had a homeschool program on frogs today, which we attended.

Speaking of frogs and toads - there is a new Frog and Toad book by Arnold Lobel that I spotted at the library today - The Frog and Toads All Sang.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm I think you guys need a little doggie :) That is how it started with Jeff - fish, frogs, turtles, rabbit and then dog!


Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot the to crazy cats we had before the rabbit. Glad those are gone :)

Edi said...

Yeah I'm sure the girl is hoping to work up to some mammals...

CanadianGrandma said...

Your daughter sure is different! I never liked amphibians as a child...come to think of it, not as an adult either!

Anonymous said...

We also had a few hamsters in there - how could I forget about those - the best pets ever! If you come to the lake this summer we have lots of frogs!

Taylor said...

shes very strange