Monday, October 26, 2009

The Zoo

The girl had been wanting to take a trip to the zoo for some time. Being that we have been there numerous times over the past years - the parents were not too enthused to go again.

But she asked again on Saturday and the afternoon weather was so GLORIOUS - that we let her have her trip to the zoo.

Unfortunately we did not check the zoo website before going and found the place to be packed. No doubt in part due to the beautiful weather - but also because they were having a Halloween event "Boo at the Zoo" that day.

The hub dropped us off at one of the entrances and went looking for a place to park. He eventually found one :)

The kids had a great time. We usually find out ahead of time what exhibits they mostly want to see so we don't end up running out of time and the kids end up being disappointed b/c they didn't see such and such.

Hippos, elephants, and snake house were on the "to see" list. We saw all of those minus the elephants that were not out. We also made sure to check out the penguins & puffins, the primates, the bears and the bird house.

After taking the bear photo the boy asked if he could have a copy for his bedroom :) I didn't know he was so fond of bears...I think it's for the same reason he likes dinosaurs (though ONLY the meat-eating variety!).

The girl thought it would be fun to pose alongside the photo wall of her ancestors :)


CanadianGrandma said...

We don't have elephants at our zoo nor hippos. What kind of surroundings did the hippos have?

Edi said...

There is a large open area for the hippo as well as a tank with a large viewing glass. It's really fun b/c the hippos will swim up real close to the glass so you can have a great view.

Anonymous said...

I remember wearing my hair like that when I was around her age - funny how styles come back over the years!