Monday, September 14, 2009

Putting the CLAY into CLAYton

On Saturday we spend a bit of time out in Clayton, MO at the St. Louis Art Fair.

We enjoyed just walking around the booths and seeing all the art...and the kids enjoyed the childrens' activities such as decorating a giant paper bag hat and filling a container with colored sand to make some "sand art".

The girl got to have a "hands-on" try at the pottery wheel which she really enjoyed.

We parked near the Brown Shoe Company so we had to take a photo of the kids in front of the giant shoe sculpture :)

How would you like to walk around in that shoe all day? Youch!

Speaking of walking around - my ankle/foot has been hurting a lot more the past couple of days - but I have been walking more too...

Yesterday I began the journey back into a daily (hopefully) exercise routine...I walked for approx. 30 min - and it hurt with every step... This morning I tried the Nordic Trak and quite painful as well. I started lifting weights again (minus the squat) and that went OK. Just moving back into things pretty slowly...


CanadianGrandma said...

Stop doing all that walking and exercise...I wonder whether your foot has healed sufficiently. I prefer the old cast over the boot esp. when you were allowed to remove it to take a shower.It shouldn't hurt once it has healed.

Edi said...

Have no fear mother dear - I am doing what the dr. said to do.

When he looked at my xray all was well and he said you couldn't even tell that it was broken.

I read a board where folks with broken legs/ankles post and it is VERY common for there still to be pain and stiffness for a long time afterwards. Doesn't mean it didn't heal properly.

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