Tuesday, May 12, 2009

White Beech Mushrooms - China

This photo reminds me of a group of people...

White Beech Mushrooms - a product of China. These little mushrooms fall into the category of "buy me because I'm cute".

I'm always a little creeped out about eating mushrooms unless they are the ordinary ones that you see in every store. I guess it's because there are not too many other types of food that have edible and poisonous varieties...

I have these "what ifs" going through my mind... "what if I didn't cook them properly and they are toxic when eaten raw" or "what if some poisonous variety got mixed in with the edible variety".

But then how could something so little and cute be dangerous - especially when there is a happy faced anthropomorphic mushroom on the package.

I fried the mushrooms up with a little butter, salt and pepper. They remained quite chewy. I thought they tasted like "regular" fried mushrooms. The boy, who had usually steered clear of mushrooms but was happily surprised when he tasted the morel mushroom recently, even asked for another taste of the beech mushroom. The girl thought they were spicy - but I think that was just from mom overdosing a bit on the pepper.

Other than for aesthetics - I wouldn't choose these mushrooms over the regular variety in the future. The package weighing 150 g cost $1.79.


CanadianGrandma said...

Since I am allergic to mushrooms I can only enjoy them via others!