Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Here are the two kids that made me a mother! Last minute yesterday before church I decided that we should have a "tradition" where if it's Mother's Day or Father's Day - there should be a picture of the kids taken with the honored parent.

Of course I wish I had thought of this oh say 9 years ago. Since I am the official family photographer there are few photos of me with my offspring...

Both kids made me Mother's Day cards and the girl helped dad fix bacon and eggs for breakfast while mom was out on a bike ride.

After church the family took me to the restaurant of my choice - Imo's Pizza! In the afternoon we played a little tennis and then went to DQ for a supper-time Blizzard :) It was funny - after tennis, the boy (who didn't get enough Imo's Pizza via the kids' meal and he declared that next time he'd have to get one the size of our's) was talking about being hungry. "When we get home will you make me a PROPER SUPPER?" I told him that I don't cook on Mother's Day so he said "Well maybe my other girl (sister) will make me an omelet (one of the few things he knows she can make)." We all agreed that a DQ Blizzard would suffice :)

I wonder what an improper supper would look like...

Imo's is by far the best pizza. I know it doesn't look all that great but it is super. Very thin, crisp crust with the best cheese ever!


CanadianGrandma said...

It's a good idea to take photos on Mother's Day/Father's Day with the children that GOD gave to you. I'm sorry that I never did this!