Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sand, Slurpees & Sardines - What a Combination!

The girl asked if we could go to C.C. Park today and have a picnic lunch. I'm usually easily persuaded to do such things when the weather is nice - so we ran some errands, and since we had to buy gas anyway - we bought Slurpees :)

We went to our usual spot at the park - a shaded grove of trees right by the beach. Unfortunately the picnic table was missing so we ate on a park bench that unfortunately was not in the trees and was permanently affixed to some concrete and couldn't be moved so we had the sun beating down upon us.

The girl, her Slurpee and some sardines!

The kids had fun digging in the sand and making moats.


Jennifer said...

I love Slurpees! Too bad my local 7-11 always seems to have my favorite cherry flavor on the de-icing cycle!

CanadianGrandma said...

So how warm was it when you went to the beach? We are expecting snow today altho' at the present time it is raining! The farmers' fields are under water...not good.