Friday, May 15, 2009

Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix

Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix.

I fixed these pancakes two times and they were a HIT. They were much thinner and flatter than the pancakes I usually make. The girl who at one time loved blueberry pancakes and then started not liking pancakes - was the one that asked me to make these a second time. Unfortunately the box mix is pretty small - so there was only 2 meals worth in it.

The batter is super thin and you are just supposed to make the pancakes from one tablespoon of batter. I did cheat a bit and made some of them much larger in order to roll into crepes.

The boy loved his little pancakes with a lot of syrup - but the girl liked hers with mixed berries sprinkled on top. The second time I made these I rolled them up into little crepe suzettes with the mixed berries rolled up inside and powdered sugar sprinkled on the roll. Delicious!

To me, any kind of pancake is great - and other than being thin, small and flat I couldn't see much difference in the taste - but the kids say there is and they love them - so I'll try to make these more often.

Here is a recipe for making Swedish pancakes from scratch if you'd like to give them a try.


CanadianGrandma said...

I love Swedish pancakes! We do not have these mixes at our grocery sure would be a hit with me as I always have to make mine from scratch.

Anonymous said...

My wife is from Sweden. I grew up on the large fat pancakes my father use to make. My mother in law made some Swedish pancakes the last time we were there and I love them. I have since found a couple of store that carry the Lunds mix and my mother in law gave me her recipe. They are great and just about everyone that tries them loves them.

Rebecca said...

I have tried calling the company (800-621-6636) and (312-382-1177)the phone just rings and rings. Not even a message to say you have reached the co. I even tried going from store to store trying to find the mix. I live in Mi in the Detroit area. Does anyone know of a store that carries it?

Anonymous said... sells Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix.