Monday, May 18, 2009

Black Radish

The black radish was about the size of a small grapefruit. It was very hard to cut through and it smelled just like a regular radish. The peels remind me of a potato.

It was powerful hot and spicy - great if one had a stuffed up nose or sore throat.

The girl said "Tastes like a normal radish - rather spicy."

The boy said "Don't like it much - pretty spicy."

Looks like none of us are much for radishes. I did salt it and that improved the taste a bit - but I'm not ready to begin adding it to any recipes for fear it would turn into a disaster and ruin an otherwise good meal.

"These large, pungent radishes are better known in Eastern Europe than in the United States. With their black peels and white interiors, they can be fashioned into attractive garnishes, or you can peel and cook them like turnips. You can also serve them raw, though it helps to tame them down first by salting and rinsing them. Substitutes: rutabaga (much milder flavor) OR turnip (much milder flavor) " Source: Cook's Thesaurus


CanadianGrandma said...

Any type of radish is good in a potato salad! Delicious!

Jennifer said...

I'm not a fan of radishes either... they always smelled funny to me.

Edi said...

I guess a bit of radish in a potato salad might work since there are other strong flavors that could mellow it out a bit. I almost never make potato salad though :)