Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ararat Armenian Lori Cheese

My Mom is wondering whatever happened to our exotic eating experiment...

Well we still do try different things from time to time but I either forget to blog about them - or I'm too lazy to write something up or my camera needs the batteries recharged and photos don't get taken.

But today the kids and I went to the world food store and bought a few things. The boy was wondering what we'd try out once we got to the car. Come on! Have a little patience. We took our purchased grub - plus the picnic lunch we brought (though it was barely needed now) and headed over to the library headquarters where there are picnic tables.

The girl used her money to buy what she affectionately refers to as "flesh bread" - the boy bought some Tic Tacs (??).

So the girl and I had bread and cheese for our lunch - trying out a new cheese - Ararat Armenian Lori Cheese (quite a lovely name) with the flat bread. Lori is the northern region of Armenia and Lori Cheese is one of two traditional cheeses that are found in most stores in Armenia.


The cheese was a white cheese so I was kind of thinking it wouldn't be too great - but it was. Creamy and salty and sharp. The girl also loved it. The boy, unfortunately hates any form of cheese unless it's melted in a tortilla or on pizza.


CanadianGrandma said...

That cheese looks delicious! The flavour you described is something I would try.

Jennifer said...

I really like sharp cheese so this sounds good. I am glad you are still doing your food experiment.

AcDelta Gaming said...

Where can you get this cheese? Is it in toronto?

AcDelta Gaming said...
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