Saturday, April 4, 2009

So Are These Morels??? UPDATE - We Ate Them!

Hub just found them in the backyard next to the garage - we've never found morels in our yard before - but this is definitely the time of year for them.

It's funny b/c I had heard a story on the news just this week about someone finding some morels in their backyard.

These little guys were not even "hiding" - right out in the open next to the garage and trashcan :)

After doing some online research and sending a photo to my MIL and having her affirm their authenticity - I cooked them up.

Apparently the hollow insides are a signature of the morel.

Good thing we are only a family of 4 because there were only 4 pieces (half each). I used my MIL's recipe (below) for coating the morels before frying them up. Of course with our small amount of morels we didn't need the full recipe.

cut in half lengthwise, cut off lower roots (the dirty ends)
rinse with cold water
beat a couple of eggs with some salt and pepper
dip mushrooms into eggs
roll in flour
fry in 1/4" of melted butter (I use part butter and part oil)
when crisp on one side turn and fry the other side until crisp
drain on paper towel


Our Crew said...

Yay!! How exciting! Morels in the middle of the city! Brian will die when I tell him this. We've been missing morels like crazy ever since we left KY and can't find them around here. Now we know where to look! :-) Have you figured out if they really are morels? I think there is something about cutting them open that you can tell if they are the real deal, but I don't know what you are looking for in there.

Edi said...

I did slice them open and they were hollow and that's what the online photos of the morels look like.

It's so crazy - just the other day I was talking to my family about morels b/c I heard a news story - then my MIL sent me a link about morels in St. Louis...and said we ought to look for some. Just so happened that the hub was trimming the grass and spotted these. They were not hidden away - but right next to the trash can next to the garage. Bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Grandma says they are morels. You don't get much mushroom.

CanadianGrandma said...

They look creepy!

ames said...

Wow, aren't you lucky to have them in your yard! Morels only come dried from the store and they are like $2 each. They make an amazing mushroom soup or in a cream sauce for pasta, yum!!