Friday, February 13, 2009

Tapioca Pearls and Red Beans in Coconut Milk

The kids and I love tapioca pudding - so though we generally do not eat tapioca with beans - we thought we'd give this dish a try.

The picture on the can was deceiving...the picture makes it look like some kind of thick pudding filled with tapioca and beans...whereas the can was mainly filled with coconut milk with only a handful of beans and tapioca. I did love the look of the huge tapioca "pearls". The coconut milk was kind of a pinkish color - I guess from the beans.

The girl is usually eager to be the first taste-tester which works for me b/c I'm usually apprehensive.

Dd - "Mmmmm it's pretty good...very tasty".

Ds - "I don't like it...oh there's some coconut peel in it ...doesn't have a flavor."

Me - I thought it tasted quite bland but not objectionable...almost a musty flavor.

When I removed the plastic outside lid - this little plastic folded spoon was laying on top of the metal lid - how cute!

After we had fished out most of the tapioca and beans - the milk just sat in the can...I planned on dumping it out. Some time later I noticed the can was empty...turns out the girl liked it enough to drink the coconut milk :)

I already threw away the can (outside) - but I'm thinking this was a product of Thailand.


TheSaxonHus said...

I must say, I am grossed out!

Is "gross" a verb?

CanadianGrandma said...

It looks like fish eggs to me! I won't be trying this one out!

Jennifer said...

I always thought that tapioca was fish eggs... my dad messed me up with that one.

Otherwise, when I was in China, I often ate a sweet red bean pastry that was pretty yummy.

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