Friday, February 27, 2009

Childhood of Famous Americans - COFA Books

A third blue item in as many days :) These books arrived in the mail this afternoon and just happened to be blue.

Childhood of Famous Americans, aka COFA, - is a biographical, vintage book series (published in the 40's through the 60's I believe) about the lives of famous Americans like Louisa Alcott, George Washington, Clara Barton, Paul Revere, Abe Lincoln etc.

These are easy-to-read chapter books with black "shadow" illustrations. The stories focus on the lives of the individuals when they were children. In a short time we read through a quarter of the book. Here is a "problem" we have - mom reads a portion of a book aloud one day - with the intention of reading a bit each day. Being that my children are a lot like me - they cannot wait to find out what happens and one or the other will pick up the book later and read a chapter (or two or three) or they might finish the book altogether!

The stories are written in a way that is interesting to both girls and boys regardless of whether the biography is about a girl or boy.

We have read about 1/2 dozen of these books aloud - and I recently bought a set of 10 for only $20 (that included shipping!) A great price being that a lot of these books sell for at least $5 (plus shipping).

The 10 I received today were all about famous females (all the other ones we own are about males) - so I'm sure the girl is happy about that.

Amazon has republished a bunch of these books and I believe a number of famous folk have been added to the series. I prefer the hardcover vintage books.


CanadianGrandma said...

Those books sound very interesting! What a wonderful way for the kids to learn about famous men and women!

Aunt Spicy said...

LOVE these books, so glad they are being republished! Thanks for passing that on!

Blogger said...

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