Wednesday, January 14, 2009

St. Louis Magic House Expansion

This was a group of tubes with a powerful could put in colorful scarves and yarn-balls and watch them move through the tubes and then fly out.

Tuesday was "Homeschool Day" at the St. Louis Magic House.

A few times throughout the year the museum is closed to the public and open for 2 hours for only homeschoolers. The price is $5 per person (child or adult) - the regular price is $8.50.

We've been to a couple of homeschool days but this is the first one since the expansion opened up at the end of December.

The expansion is WONDERFUL! A giant "Beanstalk" that you can climb...a replica of the Oval Office - you can sit at the desk or stand at the podium and pretend you are the president... a crime lab with a mystery to solve...a fairytale "land" - kids can dress up as fairytale characters and the props are wonderful...a table set with a feast...a pumpkin coach to sit in and ride to the ball...

President in 2037? Looks a bit like a dictator in his camo shirt...

The kids liked the beanstalk the best - I'd say the best was the crime lab and mystery library.


CanadianGrandma said...

What a wonderful place to visit! We do not have anything like that where I live. The kids looked like they had fun! And mom too!