Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shepherd's Pie Seasoning Packet - Great Britain

I bought a packet of Shepherd's Pie seasoning from the World Food Store...it cost about $1.50 and provided enough seasoning for the above pie. Way back in October I mixed up the seasoning with some ground beef and popped it into the freezer.

On Monday I finally dug it out of the freezer and decided to give it a try.

I think I have made Shepherd's Pie before - or all my memories of it is just from my mother making it when I was living at home. At supper my dh said he didn't even know what Shepherd's Pie was - so that's a good indication that I haven't made it for at least 13.5 years!

The directions on the package have you mixing the meat and seasoning with carrots and peas. I dislike canned veggies (and I hate the term "veggies") - but we had a big day and were gone for most of it - so I used up my last two cans of mixed vegetables and even took a risk in using them since the date stamped on the can said "use by December 2008". I'm sure they were fine...

Anyway - so I mixed in the sorry looking canned vegetables and then added some frozen peas and topped it with the mashed potatoes and a sprinkle of cheese.

I don't generally make "casserole" type dishes so I was not too sure what the kids were gonna think of it.

At first the boy didn't realize that the mashed potatoes on top were mashed potatoes (it got firmer and crispier when cooked) so he asked for more of the "crust"...I gave him more and he continued eating (he usually hates potatoes in any form other than french fries and potato chips). The boy decided that it was "mediocre" tasting - the girl thought it was a bit better than that and I thought it was great!


Jennifer said...

My mom always made a creamy, whitish gravy for her Shephard's Pie, with a layer of corn, I think. I remember really liking it.

CanadianGrandma said...

Shepherd's Pie is great! There are many variations to it and you can use any vegetables in it. I have never used a seasoning packet, but it is worth a try.