Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah's Speech

Just have to say how much I enjoyed Sarah's speech last night. I am totally not "into" politics (but yes I do vote and know what's going on) and usually cannot bear to listen to long-winded speeches or to listen at length to others discuss politics - but I was enthused about Sarah speaking.

I also enjoyed seeing her little children in the audience...the little girl holding her baby brother, was one point it looked like the girl was putting the baby's pacifier in her own mouth and another time she was licking her hand and trying to flatten the baby's hair - cute!

I've never been too thrilled with McCain and think the Republicans blew it by not having some better candidates to begin with...but with Sarah by his side, he looks a lot more attractive.


Jennifer said...

The speech was on too late for this momma; I'll have to go find it on YouTube.

I wonder... if McCain thought he would attract Hilary supporters with Palin, did he think about the far right votes he might lose by choosing a working woman? So many men and women on the far right think moms should stay home, or at least not have the types of jobs that keep them away from their kids for a gazillion hours a week.

Personally... I'm a third-party voter.

Lynda said...

Reading other bloggers has sucked me (a non-american) into this election... now I am an avid watcher and this latest move with Palin is better than The Bold & The Beautiful!! LOL Something new everyday!

TheSaxonHus said...

I was glued to her every word. I jotted a short post on my blog about her this morning if you wish to hear my thoughts:

Go Sarah Palin!

The Happy Housewife said...

I enjoyed her speech as well and stayed up way past my bedtime watching it. It was adorable watching her daughter s"lick" her brother's hair down!

Edi said...

Jennifer - I don't think McCain really thought any die-hard Hillary supporters would swing to his side...but some middle of the roaders might decide to vote just for the sake of voting for a woman. I wondered too if there would be some conservatives that would not like the working outside the home angle - and though I am a housewife/homeschooling mom myself and think that's what is best for my family...I don't think we will ever find a candidate that we agree with wholly (whether in the candidates policies, lifestyles etc.)

Lynda - glad this election is drawing interest worldwide :)

Saxonhus - I checked out your post on Sarah and enjoyed it. Go Sarah!

HappyHousewife - Yeah I'd like to hear some of the media at least mention the sweet little kids instead of devoting all their time to investigating big sister and the father of her baby.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I so agree with you!