Friday, September 5, 2008

Authentic Mexican Soup - Product of Mexico

It must be authentic because that's what it says on the package!

I don't remember where or when I purchased this soup might have been at the little Mexican Grocery Store, or the world food store, or it could have just come from the "international" section of our local Shop n Save.

The soup had a mild tomato taste but was not spicy or very flavorful. It was quite salty - and if I, a great salter of foods before I even take a bite to see if it needs it, say it's salty - it must be plenty salty. Probably didn't help that I crushed in some salted crackers.... There wasn't much "bulk" to this soup - very thin broth - but it was fine for the children's lunch along with some crackers and apples smeared with peanut butter.

We all enjoy uniquely shaped pastas, so I think the attraction of this soup was primarily the little pasta stars floating around in the bowl.

The kids loved it!

Ds "Mmmmm this is good."
Dd "Fun to swallow without chewing because they are so small - it's great!"


CanadianGrandma said...

Adding salty crackers to the soup will definitely "up" the salt content. Love the shape of the pasta!