Friday, August 22, 2008

Sugar Overdose

Parents know they ought to lock up medicines and poisons or at least put them out of reach and sight of young children.

I might have to begin applying those procedures to the sugar bowl.

My daughter wanted a "tea party" for her birthday party and since we were having real tea, she also wanted to have some cream and sugar CUBES- not just plain, ordinary, boring, sugar.

I let dd fill up the sugar bowl and she filled it to overflowing. After the party I'd say the bowl was about 1/2 full.

Yesterday as I was preparing supper (really just warming up some left-overs) I looked over at the counter and noticed that the aluminum foil that I had placed over the top of the sugar bowl, was askew. I removed the foil and was surprised to find the bowl empty.

I went to the kids and asked what had happened to the all the sugar cubes. Dd confessed that she had eaten them all! Shocked - I asked her how many she thought she had eaten that day..."oh about 10" she replied.

I think there must have been more than 10 b/c I thought it was about 1/2 full when I put the foil on the top.

I went and got out a teaspoon measuring spoon and a bowl and scooped into it 10 teaspoons of sugar so she could see how much she had eaten (at the very minimum).

Was it a coincident that all day she had been complaining of "not feeling well" and "not feeling very hungry"?


Jennifer said...

I remember doing something similar as a kid. We would dip Luden's (the cough drop) into the sugar bowl before eating them.

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh! The same thing happens at my house! Of course, Mr. Nobody gets blamed. LOL

Anonymous said...

It is funny but it must be some thing your girl would not like you to post. I very much you should say sorry.