Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Bribing" Kids to Go to School

I heard on the radio how a public school in St. Louis is "rewarding" students with hip hop tickets for coming to school.

"Students with the best attendance records through September will be invited to a concert by hip-hop artist Shorty. Those with perfect attendance will receive VIP tickets. To qualify for those, students must have shown up for Monday's first day of school."

In the past the "reward" for students showing up on the first day of school was that their names would be entered into a draw to win a TELEVISION.

I figure if the kids are not willing to go to school without some sort of enticement - it would be better that they not show up at all. The kids that don't want to be in school make it very difficult for the kids that do want to be there and do want to learn.

If the kids do only come so they can get a ticket - what happens once they receive their ticket? How about giving the tickets at the end of the year for good attendance?