Saturday, August 16, 2008

Katy Trail - Part 3

This morning we headed out for part 3 of our Katy Trail ride. We got started later than we would have liked to - but as the weather was cool and beautiful it didn't matter too much.

We began at Pittman Hill Road and (some of us) went as far as Weldon Spring, and back. A total of about 14 miles I think.

We stopped by the river and had a little rest and snack.

Dh and the girl made it all the way to Weldon Spring...the boy and I - not as far. Ds was having right wing issues and so we turned back and rested awhile.

It was pretty slow going coming back due to the sore arm, 2 snakes (1 dead, 1 living), 1 peacock and a deer that was sighted. Also - we took a little side trip.

The girl and dh spotted a large (according to the girl) lizard.

Aren't webworm "nests" creepy?? Reminds me of the large spider cocoons I saw as a teenager watching "Kingdom of the Spiders" on television.

At the end of the road, everyone agreed they had had an enjoyable time, all things considered. What could make the experience any better than to top it all off with a Happy Meal at McDonalds.


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