Monday, August 4, 2008


Today I'm in a cleaning / de-cluttering mood. I need to strike while the proverbial fire is hot - so de-cluttering is what I am doing. Having company on the horizon always inspires me to do a thorough cleaning...

I decided that we have too many blankets. Sure blankets are needful - but how many blankets does a person actually need? Same with extra pillows. I like to have some extras for when company comes for an overnight visit so I'm not getting rid of them all - but so far I've filled up three trashbags filled with outgrown clothes and excess blanket clutter. Don't worry they are not headed for the landfill - waiting to donate.

I always feel good when I de-clutter...I love packing up clothes the kids have finally they no longer play with...books that no one cares too much about, dog-eared crafts that are crumpled up in the bottom of a drawer. It's really hard when you have a girl that is a craft-making machine. I can't keep all the houses she makes out of boxes, the pictures she draws, the magazines she crafts etc. etc. etc.

When mama is on the warpath - nothing is safe! I'm sure my husband wishes that were true.

Well one cannot continue to de-clutter on an empty stomach so I better go find some lunch...


TheSaxonHus said...

I should invite you over to my house if you like to de-clutter. You would have an absolute field day over here.

Since your daughter loves to make crafts perhaps I will donate a lot of our junk, er, supplies to her! I'll see how many bags full I can put together before next weekend.