Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And Then There Were None

Do you remember that old Agatha Christie movie? It was a.k.a. "Ten Little Indians" but I guess that wasn't too politically correct. Ten people were invited to an isolated place and one by one they disappear and are found murdered.

What does "And Then There Were None" have to do with this gummy chap featured above? Well he is losing his teeth one by one and soon he may have none! I've heard of kids having their top two teeth missing but as of early this morning, ds, using self-inflicted medical intervention, now has 3 teeth missing on the top.

"I don't think I'd better eat cereal this morning," he told me. "I don't think you'd better eat corn-on-the-cob either," I replied. Awhile later he's back with..."All the cereal in the house is hard cereal so we need to go to the store before breakfast and get something like porridge... b/c I don't have any chompers...I barely have enough chompers to chew gum."

Ds has been working that third tooth into extinction for a couple of weeks and has had some sort of motive behind doing it. He's already run to put the tooth under his pillow, hoping to acquire something other than the traditional Blizzard. "You can't give me a Blizzard coupon b/c we had a Blizzard recently (Sunday)." I'd say he's hoping for something that is plastic and small and has the words Star and Wars emblazoned on the packaging somewhere.

Too bad the tooth fairy is in cahoots with the person who did a bunch of de-cluttering and cleaning yesterday...the tooth fairy will only be bringing consumable gifts into the house in the future.


TheSaxonHus said...

Delightful,just delightful!

Yesterday your column motivated me to collect some of our "stuff" and pass it on to your daughter for her crafts. Now I find out your son would like some items with the "Star Wars" label. Well, I have several of those as well.

Better hitch a trailer to your car the next time you come to church. You will need the room!!!

Edi said...

You know the saying "one man's junk is another man's junk" (or something like that).

Well as long as the "stuff" is in black trash bags that would be fine...then I could just toss them into our outdoor, portable storage chamber (it gets emptied weekly so there is always room in it for new "treasure".)