Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot Homemade Bread - Anything Better?

Today was the first time I baked bread in quite awhile. The hot weather outside doesn't really make one want to fire up the old oven - but today it's kind of cloudy and rainy so I took my chances.

I have had these French Bread "molds" for a few years - found them at the thrift store still in their original packaging. The instructions were typed on an old typewriter so it makes me think these were at least 25 yrs old.

I tried a new French Bread recipe - this one was part whole-wheat part white flour. Just out of the oven with a thin layer of butter - it is WONDERFUL!

My theory on French bread is is best straight out of the oven and the taste/texture continues to decline throughout the day - so it's best to bake just before serving. I would have done that today but I didn't want the whole house hot just before supper. And besides, I am able to eat it now while it's still warm.

I read that if you plan to freeze your French bread after baking, you should undercook it by about ? minutes...then freeze it. Then you pop it in the oven and cook it for the remaining minutes just before serving. When I've attempted to freeze fully baked French bread it turns out very dry.


ames said...

You found those baguette pans at a thrift store?? I am so jealous!!

Anonymous said...

remember when we added food colering to french bread ?