Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breakfast at the Park

Yesterday morning we packed a picnic breakfast and went for a walk. Starting out I wasn't sure which way we'd go as there are quite a few parks within walking distance. I chose one we had never walked to before - it took us about 1/2 hr to get there.

I figured I could kill a few birds with one stone...exercise for the day for us all, playtime at the park while it was still "cool" outside, and an opportunity for me to read my book.

My breakfast plan wasn't thought out too far in advance so I just packed up what I had on hand and what I thought would be an easy portable menu...pudding cups, water, graham wafers, cherries and grapes.

Our picnic table was right under a huge tree that I've always thought would be the perfect picture taking spot.

We took a rather circuitous route home and swung by McDonalds for some hot apple pies.

Speaking of McDonalds here is an odd thing that happened the last time we ate there (other than the hot apple pie time).

It was just the kids and I eating at McDonalds. I let them choose where we'd sit. They chose a spot in a little cubby area where they could sit at a high counter with 2 chairs and I'd sit at a very small table next to them. This area was kind of set apart from the rest of the restaurant. The table I sat at had 2 chairs but it's actually only comfortable for one person - especially with a tray on the table.

I had just about finished eating when I notice a woman in a McDonalds' uniform standing at "my" table...she didn't say a word but she was putting a tray of food on "my" table which of course I thought was odd but then thought well she's an employee so maybe she's just setting her tray there for a moment or wanting to take my tray to the trash. But no. She proceeds to sit down across from me and begin eating while I felt like I was being pushed out.

If we were eating in a place where there were no or very few empty tables this would not have been so unusual - though usually a person would say "is this seat taken?" or "can I sit here?" BUT there were PLENTY of empty spaces all over the restaurant. Odd.

The woman did appear to be from a "foreign land" - so perhaps that was the reason for the unusual etiquette.


CanadianGrandma said...

What a great idea to have breakfast in the park! I love that big old tree! It looks perfect for a tree house...if only it was in your own yard!

Edi said...

well I think if that tree were in my backyard I might have a couple of trips to the ER.

The girl especially enjoys tree climbing and "thankfully" the only tree in our yard she can climb isn't too high.

She suggested that next time we bring a rope to the park so I guess we can tie it around a limb and pull ourselves up.

Jennifer said...

This was such a nice idea. We don't have any parks within walking distance, just the grocery store strip.

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