Friday, July 11, 2008

Hickory Sticks

I had all but forgotten (and how could I?) about these babies until my trip back home last year. So this year when I was out "memorable" food shopping I remembered to try and track these down and was successful.
This snack is of course very similar to it's dull flavored cousin "Shoestring Sticks" (or whatever it's called) that I've seen around these part...but Hickory Sticks are full of flavor...wonderful smoky, hickory, salty flavor. One could very easily eat the whole bag in one sitting if they were not concerned abut the 450 calories. Instead I have been (as my kids would say) savoring this treat.

The kids loved these little fellas as well (yes I was willing to share with them).

This small bag of sticks cost $1.29 Canadian (plus Provincial Sales Tax plus Goods and Services Tax).

I like how on the list of ingredients it doesn't just say potatoes but rather "specially selected potatoes".


Anonymous said...

VERY flavourful! Even a few of them can satisfy one's appetite!

CanadianGrandma said...

Hickory Sticks do have lots of flavour! They are a favourite with my family.

Kara said...

Yum, those do look good. I remember the shoestrings as a kid and boy were they salty and crispy. I still managed to eat my fill though:)