Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can't Fool A Six Year Old

The kids were recently looking at a package of stickers for kids. The stickers overall looked pretty boring to me. They were not the kind with wiggly eyes or ones that you use for scrapbooking. On the back of the package it reads, "...sticker products will promise HOURS OF FUN for kids of all ages."

Ds read that and came over to me, and he thought it was so silly. "This says “hours of fun” – that’s just to get people worked up about it and think 'let’s go and buy this'.

I think the stickers could promise minutes of fun...maybe even 1/2 hr of fun if they are really special stickers (remember the cool scratch n sniff stickers from back in the early 80's?) - but hours of fun??


Heather said...

Mine feel the same way.:)

Anonymous said...

Kind of smart for a six year old! I never read labels at a store when I was young!