Thursday, July 3, 2008

Catfish Capital of the World

We are staying in the "Catfish Capital of the World", or so the statue proclaims. Too bad we are not fishermen.
Chuck the Catfish greets people as they round the bend, entering into my home town. The kids wanted to see who would be the first to spot the catfish, and the boy won the honor.
Reminds me of my childhood and our trips to the lake. There was no Chuck the Catfish, rather we would see who would be the first to spy "the tower". "The Tower" meant our 4.5 hr journey was almost at its end. A good thing, b/c after traveling in the car with 5 young girls for 4.5 hrs, I well imagine the parents were almost at "the end".
I always enjoy seeing the statues of small towns as we travel around. The other day on the way to visit one of my sisters - we passed through the Village of Gladstone that features a large happy stone - see the picture here.


Beck said...

I like how cheerful Chuck the Catfish is - so much more personable than other huge statues!