Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AERO Candy/Chocolate Bar

Here is one of the candy bars we brought back from Canada. It looks kind of bumpy and misshapen because it's kind of hard to keep chocolate in a solid state when it's traveling for 18 hrs in the trunk during the summer. We remedied the problem by popping it into the freezer.

This is the candy bar dd always chooses when we go to Canada or when we go to the world food store b/c they carry it also.

It was also a childhood favorite of mine...though I'm a bit partial to the mint AERO bar.

It's not really anything special tasting as far as candy bars does have a bubbly textured appearance when you break apart the chocolate - but it's basically just a milk chocolate candy bar.


TheSaxonHus said...

Ah, this is more to my taste when it comes to food!!!

Heather said...

Oh I loved these as a kid and begged my parents to bring them back when they visited (Canada is only a few hours from here.:))I also loved the chocolate soda they brought back, and some other candy bar in a yellow package that was slightly Kit Kat like, and the crazy jello's they brought back.