Monday, June 16, 2008

"One of the Best Days of My Life"

The boy just came in from a bike ride with dad. One never knows what a child's disposition is going to be when they walk through the door. I was happy to hear "You know what - today was one of the BEST days of my life!" And then he went on to tell me why - a few of the reasons were:

"I did better in swimming." (on week two of his swim lessons)
"I did better on the hills." (just lately has he begun riding his bike on the street with dad)
"I had some ginger beer." (which we made today)
"I had some pita bread." (which I made today)

It was pretty encouraging, as a mother, to hear that two of the things on his list involved something that I did and specifically something that I made to eat/drink.


Meredith said...

way to go, Mom! I love seeing your family's experiments in eating and learning : )