Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother Goose - Not a Nursery Rhyme

My dh recently purchased a bicycle. He's been having a lot of fun with it and went for a big ride tonight.

When he came home he announced that he had had his first "accident".

He was riding through a deserted industrial area when he spied a family of Canadian Geese...mama...papa...and about 6 of their goslings (assuming they were all part of the same family - guess mama goose could have been babysitting...or the two adult geese could have been sister geese with 3 kids a piece, going for an evening swim, finally giving in to the begging of the goslings) crossing the street ahead of him.

Not wanting to reenact a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds", he began to slow down and moved over to the curb to avoid the family. Good idea. I can imagine a bicyclist / goose accident would not be very pretty. Feathers and fingers flying everywhere.

Even though my dh was a safe distance from the geese, sensing danger, perhaps thinking this was some kind of new-fangled horse, mama goose rears up, flies into the air and attacks my husband! He was already right up against the curb, so the goose hitting his leg caused him to lose his balance and fall off his bike!! And before he could get up, the goose was getting ready to attack again!

He quickly got up and assumed the I-am-bigger-than-you-look-at-me-flap-my-giant-wings position and scared off the goose before the repeat attack.

Canadian Geese can be pretty big and heavy and have rather menacing beaks. Thankfully they have webbed feet with no claws.

Unfortunately just as the attack took place, a car drove up behind. I say unfortunately b/c you know how when something like this happens - the first thing you hope is that NO ONE was watching. "Are you OK?" asked the woman in the car. Well at least he had a witness to the fact that he was attacked UNPROVOKED. Otherwise there could be a flock of Canadian Geese activists trying to pass a law that bicyclists must not come within 500 yards of a known Canadian Geese habitat.

Dh is now sitting at his computer with a bag of frozen peas on his swollen knee (from the fall not the attack).


Anonymous said...

I can understand why the goose attacked your dh. She was protecting her young. The same thing happened to my husband when he was a young boy on the farm. The goose hung onto his clothes and beat him with her wings !